Helping women who have lost children to build a life of purpose and joy.

Watch this video NOW to learn how to build your life after loss.

As a mother who has lost a child, you grieve deeply because you love deeply.


Grief is a normal, although painful, part of your humanity. For a while, the grief felt all consuming, and you wondered how you could possibly live with the loss.

Then, a moment comes when you hear your new life calling to you. In your heart, you realize that you can honor your child with your love and by living purposefully.

Now may be the perfect time to begin building a life after loss.

Start by trying these 3 daily practices.

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After such an intense loss, you may think that you’ve gone backward rather than forward. I believe the opposite is true. You are stronger than you know because of the resilience and personal power you have developed in your deep pain.

I believe in you!

– Julie Cluff, Founder of Build a Life After Loss

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