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Ep #27 How to Deal with Emotional Triggers

I realized I had a lot more to say about music and specifically about inspirational music, so in this episode I start with a part 2 on music.

Then I get into triggers.

Emotional triggers are normal after a devastating loss. They come with the grief territory.

We pass by a place we used to visit with our child whose died.

We hear a song that we used to sing together.

We notice an upcoming date on the calendar that triggers a memory.

All normal. It’s to be expected.

But what do we do with these emotional triggers?
How do we handle the them?

We’ll explore these questions and how to deal with emotional triggers in this episode of Build a Life After Loss.

A podcast dedicated to mothers who have lost children to help them to regain their confidence, and build a life of purpose and joy again.

Here’s the links I talk about in this episode:

Oh Lord, My Redeemer, Jeff Goodrich, link:

You Lift Me Up, Josh Groban, link:

Posttraumatic Growth wikipedia article:

Mike LeMieux’s lanterns and emotions post:

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Download the 3 Simple Practices to Start Feeling Better:

Thanks for joining me!

Have a fabulous week!

Love, Julie

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